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Jun 09, 2017

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Mole Catcher UK

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Putange mole trap is the most used trapping system in France, its invention dates back several centuries. It is becoming more and more used by UK Mole Professional Catchers. Its design makes it an easy to use trap, robust, very discreet and inexpensive. Its handling requires a bit of practice but after a few weeks you will get much better results than with all the moles traps traditionally used in the UK.

Trying is adopting.

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The Putange key is the most used tool in UK to arm Putange traps but prices are a bit expensive compared to the setting tool.

The setting tool is not expensive and all the French trappers use.

Triggers are needed to arm the Putange trap. Each Putange trap comes with its trigger. It happens to lose a few triggers during the trapping sessions that is why we offer you batches of 10 additional triggers.

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