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Jun 09, 2017

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Mole Catcher UK

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The mole is a small mammal with a soft coat that does no harm to anyone. She is brave and constantly works to feed or make food reserves.
The only problem is that in order to eat (she must eat the equivalent of her weight per day otherwise she risks dying) she spends her time digging galleries under the ground and all the land she does not arrive Compact in the galleries it must evacuate it and this gives mounds of earth that devastate your gardens.
Even if its network of galleries is very useful to drain your ground the multiplication of the molehills to the surface of the ground is nonetheless very unpleasant to see on your lawns.

Visit the pages of our website you will find all the information about the traps we sell and our services. All our traps are French made. We offer Putange moles traps and their accessories and Talpex traps.

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